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Krissy Zine Pack

All 8 mini zines created in conjunction with our 2020 online exhibitions. The zines feature interviews between Krissy and each artist who created a digital for the KTP website. 

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Question Everything Bitch is a hyper-real video project/movie documenting the complex relationship between the two filmmakers and their environments as they play-pretend fictionalized versions of themselves in a fantastical underground world.

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DVD pre-order (out May 2021)


Includes DVD + zine/film companion

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Question Everything Bitch by Cherry Nin & Rat Porridge

The Sound of Sinking Ships by Oona Taper

Original, unique, hand drawn frames from The Sound of Sinking Ships. Each drawing consists of four frames of animation forming a third of a second of the film. Ink on 8.5" by 11" paper.


The Sound of Sinking Ships is a dance film exploring entropy and order through film, video and hand drawn animation. A digital download of the film will be included with each frame.   

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Don't Change the Channel by Cherry Nin

'Don't change the channel' is a 28 page zine containing two short stories, 'don't change the channel' & 'Gatorville,' published in February 2021.

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Camo Crop Top

All clothes are unique and hand printed and altered on thrifted clothing. We will add new pieces as we finish them, so check back for more styles and sizes. <3

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KTP Merch

Krissy Universe Dress

Halter Crop Top

Stripe Crop Top

Camo crop top with a white lace window and "Krissy 4evr"

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Black and orange bleach tie-dye with stars and "krissy universe" printed on it. 

$ 25

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Gray top with pale purple ties, "krissy 4evr," and stars. 
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Striped crop shirt with a pocket and stars on the front and a bleached pink "krissy 4evr" back patch.
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